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HomeTechWikipedia redesign their website for the first time in over a decade

Wikipedia redesign their website for the first time in over a decade

Wikipedia, one of the most popular resources on the Internet, has updated its design after a decade. Wikipedia redesign comes with subtle changes to its entire website.

Some of the most noticeable changes with the Wikipedia redesign are an increased amount of empty white spaces throughout the website. According to MediaWiki, the change was made so that “People are able to focus more easily without the distraction of sidebars or other elements.”

The Wikimedia Foundation, which supports Wikipedia, has launched a revised interface to simplify navigation and improve user experience.

The changes, although not drastic, were deemed necessary by the Foundation to meet the needs of a new generation of users who may not be as familiar with the Internet. Innovations include enhanced search, more obvious language switching, and updated article titles and content sections, among others.

The updated interface is already available in English Wikipedia and some other languages such as French, but Ukrainian Wikipedia still maintains its previous design.



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