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HomeTechSealed OG iPhone sold at auction with rare Apple ‘Lucky you’ sticker

Sealed OG iPhone sold at auction with rare Apple ‘Lucky you’ sticker

Over the last six months, there have been numerous sealed original iPhones up for auction, with one in February fetching a staggering $63,000, making it the most expensive one ever sold. However, the latest original iPhone auction has ended, and it seems that a downward trend in sealed iPhone value is emerging as the rare “Lucky you” Apple sticker on this iPhone failed to impress buyers.

Following the $63,000 record set in February, the next sealed original iPhone auction took place in mid-March and sold for considerably less, with a final auction price of $55,000. Nonetheless, both of these values are significantly higher than the $30,000-range that sealed original iPhones had been selling for in recent years.

On March 30, the latest sealed original iPhone was listed at Wright auction house, but the shrink wrap had a small tear and was not in mint condition. However, the iPhone underwent multiple evaluations, including x-ray images that demonstrated that the device and original accessories had not been tampered with.

Lucky You Sticker

One distinctive aspect of this sealed original iPhone is its rare “Lucky you” Apple sticker, but that didn’t have any impact on the sale price.

The estimate from Wright auction house was between $40,000-60,000, but this sealed iPhone only sold for $40,320, barely crossing the lower threshold.

From his recent video, YouTube content creator Marques Brownlee revealed that it was none other than him who snagged the $40k iPhone 1 with the ‘Lucky you’ sticker.

Although there have been only two sealed original iPhones sold since the $63,000 record, both have shown a significant drop in value. The latest sale resulted in a 36% reduction compared to the $63,000 sale.

It is difficult to determine all the factors, but it appears that demand for this collectable could be declining. Moreover, the high volume of sealed original iPhones popping up in recent months could be saturating the market, leading to lower sale prices.


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