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30 Spine-Chilling Halloween Movies to Binge this Halloween

As the leaves turn and the evenings darken, there’s nothing like curling up with a bowl of popcorn and a spine-chilling Halloween movies to get into the spooky spirit. This year, whether you’re into classic horrors, family-friendly spooks, or new eerie tales, we’ve got something for everyone in our list of 30 Halloween movies to binge this Halloween night!

30 Spine-Chilling Halloween Movies

  1. Trick ‘r Treat (2007):
    A Halloween anthology movie weaving together five interwoven tales centered around the spookiest night of the year​​.
  2. It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown (1966):
    A classic family-friendly Halloween tale following Linus’s quest to prove the existence of the Great Pumpkin​​.
  3. Halloween III: Season of the Witch (1982):
    Uncover a sinister plot by a small-town mask maker planning a Halloween mass murder through an ancient Celtic ritual​​.
  4. Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer (1986):
    Delve into the dark mind of a serial killer in this raw, unfiltered horror movie​4​.
  5. High Tension (2003):
    Follow two women’s nightmarish experience as they are stalked by a psychotic truck driver​​.
  6. A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984):
    Freddy Krueger haunts the dreams of a group of teens in this iconic slasher film​6​.
  7. House of 1000 Corpses (2003):
    Journey into the backwoods of Texas where teenage couples are captured by a bizarre and sadistic family of serial killers​​.
  8. Talk to Me (2022):
    Witness the terrifying supernatural forces unleashed when a group of friends conjure spirits​​.
  9. The Evil Dead (1981):
    Join Ash Williams and his pals as they fight for their lives against the evil dead awakened by the Necronomicon​.
  10. Wolf Creek (2005):
    Experience the hellish nightmare of three backpackers stranded in the Australian outback​.
  11. Annabelle Comes Home (2019):
    Paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren fight to protect their family from the evil unleashed by the possessed doll, Annabelle.
  12. Child’s Play (1988):
    The murderous doll Chucky makes his debut in this chilling tale of horror​.
  13. It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown (1966):
    This timeless Peanuts Halloween special is a light-hearted treat for viewers of all ages.
  14. Hocus Pocus (1993):
    A whimsical yet spooky tale of three witch sisters resurrected on Halloween night​.
  15. Pet Sematary: Bloodlines (2023):
    Discover the dark secrets buried in the pet cemetery in this new eerie tale premiering this October​.
  16. Sister Death (2023):
    Dive into a paranormal horror as you witness the haunting tale of Sister Death, a new addition to Netflix’s Halloween roster​​.
  17. The Exorcist (1973):
    A classic horror film that continues to send shivers down the spine with its tale of demonic possession.
  18. Psycho (1960):
    Alfred Hitchcock’s masterpiece that introduced the terrifying character of Norman Bates and changed the horror genre forever.
  19. Get Out (2017):
    This modern horror thriller delves into racial tensions with a spine-chilling twist.
  20. The Conjuring (2013):
    Follow the chilling investigations of paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren in this spine-tingling film.
  21. Poltergeist (1982):
    A family’s home is haunted by a host of demonic ghosts in this horror classic.
  22. Carrie (1976):
    A shy girl, outcasted by her peers and sheltered by her religious mother, unleashes telekinetic terror on her small town after being pushed too far at her senior prom.
  23. Hereditary (2018):
    A grieving family is haunted by tragic and disturbing occurrences that unveil dark secrets.
  24. Saw (2004):
    Two strangers awaken in a room with no recollection of how they got there, soon discovering they’re pawns in a deadly game perpetrated by a notorious serial killer.
  25. Insidious (2010):
    A family looks to prevent evil spirits from trapping their comatose child in a realm called The Further.
  26. The Ring (2002):
    A journalist investigates a mysterious videotape that causes anyone who watches it to die seven days later.
  27. The Babadook (2014):
    A single mother and her child fall into a deep well of paranoia when an eerie children’s book titled “Mister Babadook” manifests in their home.
  28. A Quiet Place (2018):
    In a post-apocalyptic world, a family is forced to live in silence while hiding from monsters with ultra-sensitive hearing.
  29. Us (2019):
    A family’s serene beach vacation turns to chaos when their doppelgängers appear and begin to terrorize them.
  30. Bird Box (2018):
    In a post-apocalyptic scenario, a mother and her two children must make it through a forest and river blindfolded to avoid supernatural entities which cause individuals to commit suicide upon looking at them.


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